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About Dermtek

Dermtek Pharma is a leader in developing innovative therapeutic dermatologic products for the treatment of common skin ailments. The company, proudly Canadian and privately owned, was founded in Montreal (Quebec) in 1986 where it is still headquartered.

The sun protection trailblazer Ombrelle, now a L’Oréal brand sold worldwide, was developed and launched by Dermtek Pharma in 1990. Today, our brands make it to the homes of Canadians through many of our therapeutic products and with our anti-aging dermocosmetic brand, Reversa.

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A chapter in the history of Canadian dermatology

Dermtek Pharma was born from Robert Lavoie’s desire to establish the very first completely Canadian pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and production of dermatological products. The corporation launched with four innovative products, based on traditional actives in combination with advanced delivery systems, and quickly gained the trust of skin care professionals.

Sunscreens became a necessity for all those enjoying the great outdoors in the early 1990s. Thanks to Dermtek Pharma, Parsol 1789 and Ombrelle saw the light of day and took their place in the sun, offering a line of broad-spectrum sun protection. A few years later, the Canadian pioneer innovated once more and introduced the dermocosmetic brand Reversa, a sun damage correction line to reverse the signs of aging.

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Researching excellence

Dermtek Pharma's mission has always been to offer scientifically innovative products formulated to answer the needs and expectations of dermatologists to treat common skin disorders. The proposition had to be affordable and provide the best efficacy and utmost safety for patients. Researching excellence on all aspects.

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